As one of the initial SOLIDWORKS® Gold Partner applications, RevWorks linked the MicroScribe® digitizer to SOLIDWORKS and introduced the concept of CAD-driven, real time concept-to-product engineering.

RevWorks 7.1 Features

Fast, Efficient, Accurate

RevWorks provides the CAD user with software tools necessary to manage the digitizer and directly collect feature data in real time, allowing users to reduce product development time and get the job completed much more quickly.


Offers an Assortment Data Collection Features

Hosting an AlignmentManager™ for multiple datum coordinate systems, a ProbeManager™ for set probe definitions and single point or scan point mode collections options, RevWorks allows users to tailor the program to fit specific needs.


Quick, Seamless Integration with Multiple Devices

RevWorks is capable of integrating with a multitude of digitizers available in today’s market, allowing users to collect data as it’s needed.