3D-ID With LaMP

Landmark Processing Simplified


3D-ID, a well-known, flexible java-based geometric morphometric tool, was created in 2009 to help Forensic Anthropologists and Medical Examiners assess the sex and/or ancestral affiliation of unknown remains using cranial landmarks.

At Revware, we believe this work to be critical, and are pleased to collaborate with one of the developers of 3D-ID, Dr. Ann Ross, and her team.

As the curators of 3D-ID for the Anthropology community, it's our goal to enhance the capabilities of this and other forensic applications wherever possible.

3D-ID and LaMP will always be FREE tools.  However, if you wish to support the ongoing maintenance and updates to 3D-ID, contact us to find out how!

LaMP Landmark Processor

For 3D-ID

To streamline the process of gathering 3D landmarks, Revware has developed the LaMP™ Landmark Processing Tool. A version of LaMP is now built directly into 3D-ID for cranial landmark gathering.


LaMP visually guides users through the collection of cranial landmark data easily, reducing transcription errors and increasing the accuracy and speed at which the user can gather necessary information.

Landmark Processor for 3D-ID

Better Tools Mean Better Data

Forensic Anthropologist using 3D-ID with LaMP

Landmarks ordered for quicker, more precise data collection

Clear graphical interface indicates which data point to collect next

Fast import into 3D-ID reduces time needed to make regional identification

Data can be hand-entered or collected directly using the MicroScribe Portable CMM

Easy datuming stores coordinate system so that specimens may be moved without data loss

Recover partial data set collection in-process without having to start over

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The MicroScribe® i+ Portable CMM seamlessly integrates with many 3D data collection and visualization applications

The MicroScribe Utility Software® (MUS) allows data acquisition into applications that do not provide native support

With the true portability of the MicroScribe i+ arm, do more projects in-house and out in the field

Skull on stand with MicroScribe Portable CMM

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