Laboratory Specimen Stand

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Articulating arm laboratory specimen stand for holding bones, crania, and fragile artifacts while you collect data and perform analyses.

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Elevate your anthropological and forensic analysis with our premium articulating-arm laboratory specimen stand. Designed for ease of use, precision and stability, this stand is the ultimate tool for holding bones, crania, and fragile artifacts while you collect data. Whether you are conducting forensic landmark studies or 3D morphological research, our stand ensures that your specimens are securely held in the optimal position for 360 degree data collection. Two sizes available to suit your specific use case.

Key Features:

Flexible Articulation – The three multi-jointed omni-directional arms allow for precise positioning, enabling you to adjust your specimen to the angle and height required for detailed measurements from all directions.

Secure Mounting – Equipped with our custom versatile clamp design (integrated cup/point), our stand accommodates various specimen sizes and shapes, ensuring a firm grip without causing damage. **Use commercially available approved museum putty for maximum grip.**

Stable Base – The heavy-duty powdercoated aircraft aluminum base on non-skid pads provides a stable foundation which reduces movement and vibration during critical examinations.

Convenient Use – Designed with user convenience in mind, the stand’s easy adjustment and lock system allow for quick setup and repositioning, making it ideal for repetitive use in busy lab environments.

Easy to Carry and Store – Our laboratory specimen stand folds down flat and locks for convenient transport and storage.


Anatomical Studies – Perfect for universities, medical labs and research institutions conducting studies on bone specimens and delicate artifacts.

Forensic Analysis – Essential for forensic labs and crime scene investigation units needing precise and stable support for examining and collecting measurement data from forensic specimens.

Photography and Documentation – Ideal for capturing high-quality images of specimens from multiple angles, crucial for documentation and publication purposes.

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