Introducing the MicroScribe i+

PRESS RELEASE – New Accuracy PLUS Versatility

RALEIGH, N.C. (March 11, 2022)

Revware Inc., manufacturer of the MicroScribe® line of portable CMMs and innovator in the field of 3D data collection, modeling, and CAD-Driven Reverse Engineering (CADDRE™), is delighted to announce the release of the MicroScribe i+ Portable CMM.

The MicroScribe i+ is the MicroScribe i PLUS higher accuracy and improved internal architecture. With accuracies of +/- 0.0020” (+/- 0.0508 mm) for the i+ and +/- 0.0025″ (+/- 0.0635 mm) for the iL+ the MicroScribe i+ system optimizes the MicroScribe digitizing experience while continuing to effortlessly integrate with many CAD, measurement, and inspection software packages available in today’s marketplace.

Features like infinite rotation at the wrist joint, M4 threaded stylus, and precision homing remain the same. Yet the MicroScribe i+ digitizing system includes design improvements that completely elevate Revware’s product line.

“It’s an incremental update that speaks volumes,” says Tom Welsh, President, and CEO of Revware. “Not only does the MicroScribe i+ provide increased precision, but our development efforts allow us to upgrade and support even the earliest MicroScribe arms.”

At the helm of this launch, Welsh says that the i+ technology gives Revware the opportunity to chart new territory in measurement and sustainability realms. “MicroScribe equipment that has been in service for over 20 years can be upgraded to a newer model, giving customers an unprecedented return on investment while reducing our carbon footprint in a positive way.”

Are you interested? Visit our website,, to learn more about MicroScribe i+ digitizing system.

About Revware Inc.

Revware™ provides MicroScribe® portable digitizers, peripherals, and measurement software worldwide. MicroScribe digitizers are supported by over 50 professional software applications and are integrated into the products of more than a dozen OEMs. Revware Inc. has provided digitizing hardware and CAD-driven concept-to-product engineering software, including RevWorks®, a SOLIDWORKS® Gold partner application, to the world market for nearly three decades.

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