VTube With the MicroScribe Portable CMM

VTube Laser®, by Advanced Tubular Technologies, paired with Revware’s MicroScribe® portable CMM creates a quick, accurate, and affordable measuring center solution for reverse engineering and validating bent pipes, tubes, and wires.  By providing live communication with most popular tube bending machines, VTube makes the normal  iterative correction process vastly more efficient.  Advanced Tubular has applied decades of tube measuring experience to create VTube and now it supports the complete line of MicroScribe portable CMMs.

To see a video demonstration of VTube in action with a MicroScribe, click here:  Video   

To request a live demonstration of Vtube with the MicroScribe PCMM,  Click Here

VTube Benefits:

Super Quick Project Setup

VTube assumes you will be measuring a tube shape and allows you to set up relevant default values, such as tube diameter, bend radius, and probe ball diameter.  No initial alignment is needed.  You proceed by measuring the cylinder lengths.  Connecting bends happen automatically.  Other measurement programs require extensive setup and dozens of steps to create individual elements.

Built-in Automated Process for Measuring Tubes

VTube knows the information needed to create a tube and leads you through the process using the Measure a Tube process window.  The methods for gathering the information and calculating the centerline, intersection points, and bend data are preprogrammed are presented as a series of consistent steps that never change and never have to be scripted.   Video   

Built-in Feedback to Increase Confidence in the Data

VTube provides a series of behind-the-scene mathematical and on-screen crosschecks that provide live assessment of the measurement data to give you confidence in the quality of the data you are collecting. For example, X and Y wobble deviations and centerline accuracy are reported real time in the Cylinder Fit Data window.

Create Best Fit Tubes from Several Part Samples

Measured Tube Averaging (MTA) allows you to measure a tube or multiple tube samples as many times are you want with any tube orientation, then average the results together to create to create a perfect composite tube shape.   Video  

Built-in Bender Correction

VTube directly communicates with many benders, greatly speeding setup and shape iteration.  VTube bender corrections are based on the industry standard Advanced Tubular Technologies Benderlink technology.  If a connection to a bender is not possible, VTube generates bender correction reports for manual bender adjustment.   Video   

Direct Communications Supported for the Following Benders:  AddisonMckee, AIM Wire Benders, Alpine, AMOB, BLM Group, Chiyoda, COMCO (Windows based KEINS), Crippa, CSM, Eaton Leonard – Premier & Lightspeed, Herber, Horn Machine Tools, KEINS, MachMotion, MiiC, NUMALLIANCE Benders, PINES Technology, SMI, SMT Industries, SOCO Machinery, STARBEND, Techno Industrial Machinery, Transfluid, Tulip/Roboflex, Unison Limited, WAFIOS, Winton Machine Company, and YLM. Some bender interfaces carry a separate interface.  Contact us for more information about costs and support for benders not listed.

CAD integration: Measure a Part Into SOLIDWORKS

With the press of a button, you can transfer a measured tube into SOLIDWORKS as a fully constrained 3D Sketch within a part or assembly.  Circular and rectangular cross sections are supported.  Video   


  • Measure tube, pipe, and wire shapes
  • Import comparison tube files in a variety of formats
  • Export tube files to other programs
  • Reverse-engineer existing parts and prototypes
  • Qualify the shape or path of the part based on centerline tolerances
  • Measure any number of tubes in one project with the Assembly Control
  • Average tube measurements to create best fit shapes
  • 5-level cylinder test assures quality tube shape calculation
  • Unbend from any straight
  • Directly correct bending machines in real time
  • Connect to a network of up to 100 benders on your shop floor
  • Print a variety of reports

To request a live demonstration of Vtube with the MicroScribe PCMM, Click Here