Using MUS with 3D-ID

Now you can use the MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) 7 with 3D-ID software to enhance collection of landmark data using a MicroScribe portable CMM:

1. Download and install MUS 7 from the Revware website (free download).

2. Navigate to the installation folder on your PC (C:\Program Files\Revware\MUS\CADpad\support materials and printables) and open the file 3d-id CADpad Template.xlsx. 

3. Follow the instructions in the file to print the 3D-ID CADpad.

4. Cut out and affix the CADpad image to your work area within reach of the MicroScribe arm.  Be sure you can reach the CADpad easily without impeding data collection from your specimen.

5. Start MUS and click CADpad button.

6. Set up ‘CADpad Grid’ to 3D-ID and align to the printed CADpad.

7. Open and run 3D-ID.

8. Select the first landmark, and begin collecting data.

You can use the CADpad to correct errors or skip point that are unused (arrows to navigate to previous or next point; Red X to delete incorrect data), or process the collected data (the skull icon).