Revware Announces MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) 7 + CADpad™


CADpad Yellow

SPAT Test with CADpad

Raleigh, NC (August 22, 2016)

Revware®, Inc., pioneer in the field of 3D modeling technology and manufacturer of the MicroScribe®, a portable 3D coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) and a developer of software products with native interface to most CAD modeling systems, announces the release of MicroScribe Utility Software™ (MUS) 7 with CADpad™.


MUS 7 features several upgrades including:

  • MUS 7 introduces CADpad™, a revolutionary way to drive data collection
  • Update Revisions to the ‘Help’ section of MUS
  • Auto version checking

Operating within MUS 7, CADpad is a revolutionary time and motion saving tool that enables software functions to be accessed by the probe, enabling the probe to replace the keyboard mouse function during data collection.

This initial release of CADpad includes a grid template for the Single Point articulation Accuracy Test (SPAT), a ten-point test that determines the accuracy of the MicroScribe.  This test is based on the ASME B89.4.22 standard for determining CMM accuracy.

CADpad Grid™ is a grid of predefined functions within MUS.  When a specific grid area is touched by the MicroScribe stylus, the function located in that area automatically executes with the click of the hand switch or foot pedal.

CADpad Mouse™ is a capability within MUS that allows the probe of the MicroScribe to define a working surface area within which the MicroScribe digitizer’s probe replaces the system mouse.  This feature enables the user to access items on the screen without having to take their hand off the MicroScribe stylus.  Hand switch/foot pedal clicks become mouse clicks, saving time and motion.

About Revware Inc.

Revware Inc. provides MicroScribe portable digitizers, scanning lasers, accessories, and measurement software to a network of resellers, OEMs and to end use customers worldwide. MicroScribe digitizers are supported by over 50 professional software applications and are integrated into the products. Revware has provided digitizing hardware and CAD-driven concept-to-product engineering software, including RevWorks®, a SOLIDWORKS® Gold partner plugin and Dhino™, a plugin to Rhinoceros® for reverse engineering applications, and MUS 7 CADpad™.

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