Skiron Laser

Precise Measurements in Minutes

Skiron laser

When the Skiron laser scanner is utilized with the MicroScribe digitizer, data collection can be done at much quicker pace, enabling engineers to produce a high-quality scan in minutes.

The Skiron laser is a compact scanning attachment designed specifically for MicroScribe®6DoF digitizers. In combination, the devices create an inexpensive and compact, yet very effective alternative to much more expensive non-contact data collection products.

For a fraction the cost of comparable three-dimensional laser scanners, MicroScribe digitizers with the Kreon Skiron three-dimensional laser system quickly collects point-cloud data of three-dimensional objects. Where conventional point-and-click digitizing or measurement may take hours or days, laser scanning can produce the same or even higher resolution data in minutes. Instead of point-and-click, data collection is more like spray painting, with the laser scanner collecting 45,000 points per second.

With a vertical resolution of .0006 / 16um, the Skiron three-dimensional laser scanner can capture objects with a high level of detail. Because the point cloud contains an equal distribution of points lying above and below the ideal surface, the quality of the final surface is determined by the post-processing software and the statistics of the measurement. The software uses sophisticated algorithms to align the scanned profiles, and as a result, overall system accuracy and resolution equals or exceeds that of the MicroScribe touch probe system alone.

Data collected with the Kreon Skiron laser scanner is compatible with almost every software application supporting point or polygon import. Many third-party software programs can be used to transform the data into CAD-editable formats for manipulation or analysis, such as a comparison between a laser-scanned first manufactured article and the original CAD design.

Revware® has continued to bring innovative data capture technology to market by becoming the primary international distributor of the Skiron™ laser produced by Kreon.

Lightweight, Portable & Easy to Use

The Skiron laser is a very compact, light and ergonomic laser scanner that can be utilized with a variety of software solutions. Fully integrated with the MicroScribe 6DoF desktop digitizers (G2 and MX series), this scanner dramatically reduces digitizing time. When used in combination with the MicroScribe, the Skiron laser scanner is suitable for all three-dimensional application needs within any industry, including engineering, medical, science, inspection, automotive, multi-media and more.

As nothing touches the model during data collection, the laser scanner is also particularly useful for very small, deflectable, delicate or complex parts, and parts with holes that may be too small for a touch probe to accurately digitize. Using a touch probe alone to digitize delicate or complex parts can be tedious, time-consuming or even impossible, but with the aid of the Skiron laser solution, users can quickly and easily provide high resolution three-dimensional data without touching the part or model.

In addition to being fast, the Skiron laser scanner attachment for MicroScribe is lightweight, compact and convenient. It is just 4.5-inches square (15 cm) and total weighs about 260 grams. The laser scanner controller is palm-sized, not a big and bulky box as with most other lasers.

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Skiron Laser Scanner Technical Specifications

The Skiron™ laser scanner is produced by Kreon.