RevWorks: Quick, Seamless Integration with Multiple Devices

Used in combination with RevWorks, the MicroScribe or other three-dimensional digitizers let you quickly collect the data you need to construct detailed CAD models and accomplish accurate part inspections from the convenience of your desktop. Switch between various probes quickly and with great precision using the unique RevWorks MicroScribe probe calibration wizard. The calibration process creates a highly consistent and reproducible probe management environment, providing the flexibility you need to create part models with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

  • MicroScribe M series desktop digitizers are Revware’s most accurate desktop digitizers for use in applications that demand the most accurate raw data gathering, such as precision part modeling and inspection.
  • MicroScribe i series desktop digitizers are an economical, flexible choice for applications such as packaging and casting where the greatest collection accuracy is not needed.
  • MicroScribe G, 3D and all legacy series desktop digitizers are supported.

This precise integration allows users to collect data from parts as its needed and the data automatically appears in associated assembly or part documents, ready for immediate use. In linking SolidWorks to your MicroScribe, three-dimensional digitizer or coordinate measuring machine (CMM), RevWorks greatly increases user productivity and allows for design intent development of your parts more quickly than ever before.

Revware’s RevWorks software was the first commercial software application developed for the MicroScribe. As one of the initial SolidWorks Gold Partner applications, RevWorks linked the MicroScribe to SolidWorks and introduced the concept of CAD-driven, real time concept-to-product engineering. This integration allows users to collect data as it’s needed and the data automatically appears in the assembly or part document, ready for immediate use.

RevWorks can interface with many popular digitizers on the market today, including

  • MicroScribe – MX, i, G2 and 3D series digitizers
  • BIG – 3DCreator series digitizers
  • Romer/Cimcore – Infinite, 3000i and Stinger series digitizers
  • FARO – Edge, Quantum, Fusion, Platinum, Titanium, and earlier series digitizers