RevWorks: Fast, Efficient, Accurate

RevWorks software is easy to use because it is fully integrated into the industry-familiar SolidWorks interface. Having been a SolidWorks Gold Partner solution since 1997, RevWorks meets strict integration requirements and quality standards. The display, editing and management of features created with RevWorks all take place within the familiar SolidWorks interface, lessening user assimilation time. By taking advantage of RevWorks’ “one click” user interface for accessing your most frequently used feature gathering tools, the RevWorks docking toolbar brings greater access and more flexibility in your work.

RevWorks software fashions the three-dimensional digitizers and coordinate measuring machines (CMM) into a tool that is specific to your work by providing the CAD user with the software tools necessary to manage the digitizer and directly collect feature data in real time. This immediate interactive ability leads to improved modeling efficiency and a faster return on investment.

Your own CAD modeling process drives the creation of parts and for these reasons, RevWorks is an effective, efficient modeling tool that is very easy to learn and apply. Through the interactive approach of designing, collecting feature data and making adjustments based on personal experience, RevWorks enhances your ability to quickly capture the design intent of the part being modeled. With RevWorks, users can even capture design intent from worn and broken components.

The combination of the MicroScribe digitizer and RevWorks software shortens the time it takes to generate computer models, allowing users to reduce product development time and get the job completed much more quickly, saving you time and money.

Reduce product development time, increase accuracy and have more fun while you work with RevWorks.