MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) 7

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The MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) is a stand-alone utility which runs simultaneously with other MicroSoft Windows programs.  A variety of formats can be specified inside of MUS. If your application supports command line or dialog entry of 3D coordinates, this utility might already work or can be easily made to work with your application.

With this latest release, MUS 7 now includes Revware’s new CADpad™ functionality. Digitize more quickly and efficiently than ever with CADpad’s integrated Grid and Mouse features, without ever having to go back to your keyboard or mouse.  Use one of our CADpad presets, or contact us for customized CADpads for your application.


  DOWNLOAD MUS 7 with CADpad *Free*

   USE MUS with 3D-ID

The Single Point Articulation accuracy test, or SPAT, is Revware’s generic ten-point repeatability test used in combination with MUS to help determine the accuracy of the MicroScribe. The purpose of a SPAT is to show that a device can demonstrate data repeatability. To do this, the user articulates the arm through a range of motion while taking data at a single point.

Our SPAT is based on the ASME B89.4.22 Methods for Performance Evaluation of Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines. The SPAT is applied in the assessment of MicroScribe digitizers at various stages of manufacture and repair.

By using the SPAT template provided with MUS 7, you can perform a simple SPAT test on your MicroScribe to check accuracy and functionality (Note: Results vary based on the technique of the user).