Introducing RevWorks 7.1

The Revware software development team is pleased to present RevWorks® 7.1 to you, our latest, and we think best, edition of RevWorks ever! As an original SOLIDWORKS® Gold Partner Solution, RevWorks has provided best-quality, efficient modeling solutions and CAD-Driven Reverse Engineering (CADDRE™) capabilities to our clients for over twenty years.

RevWorks interfaces with the leading portable 3D Digitizers and Portable CMMs to provide a wide range of tools and enhancements which will greatly increase your productivity.  For this 20th Anniversary edition, we have rebuilt the RevWorks architecture using the latest frameworks for Windows® 10 and 64-bit support to work seamlessly within the very latest SOLIDWORKS® environments. Join us in Reverse Engineering Paradise™!

This release of RevWorks includes CADpad™, our powerful user interface which creates a better, more efficient user experience.  CADpad allows you to drive the software directly from your digitizer probe without having to return to your keyboard or mouse.  CADpad Grid™ defines and maps a tool pad for driving software action with each press of your input accessory.  CADpad Mouse™ creates an area in which the stylus of your digitizer becomes the active on-screen system mouse.

Other new features of RevWorks 7.1 include:

  • The Select by Probe feature, which allows you to select existing geometry using the arm and applying your geometric constraints and trims.
  • Arc-line Chaining
  • New look and feel, including flexible toolbar scaling for high DPI screens
  • Updated Guru Guides™ and added support content

For more details, watch this short video:

Introducing RevWorks 7.1

Or, download our Product Brochure (.pdf):

RevWorks 7.1 Product Sheet

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