Revware Announces Launch of RevWorks® 7.1 With CADpad™ for SOLIDWORKS®

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: REVWARE ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF REVWORKS® 7.1 WITH CADPAD™ FOR SOLIDWORKS® – Join Revware in Reverse Engineering Paradise! – RALEIGH, N.C., (February 10, 2017) Revware Inc., innovator in the field of data collection, 3D modeling, and CAD-Driven Reverse Engineering (CADDRE™), is pleased to announce the release of RevWorks 7.1 with CADpad™. As an…

Revware Announces MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) 7 + CADpad™

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: REVWARE ANNOUNCES MICROSCRIBE UTILITY SOFTWARE (MUS) 7 WITH CADPAD Raleigh, NC (August 22, 2016) Revware®, Inc., pioneer in the field of 3D modeling technology and manufacturer of the MicroScribe®, a portable 3D coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) and a developer of software products with native interface to most CAD modeling systems, announces the…


Animators, product designers and creative people across many disciplines use our digitizers to bring clay models and prototypes to virtual life. Using Revware products, your concepts become real.   Some of the most recognizable names in the world are using Revware products

Health Care

Surgeons at top hospitals around the globe operate with MicroScribe-integrated guided surgery systems by tracking movement and taking precise measurements during delicate procedures like hip and knee replacements, radiation therapy and development of custom-fitted prosthetics.   Some of the most recognizable names in the world are using Revware products


The world’s largest museum complex, the Smithsonian Institute, as well as many other museums, institutes and universities use Revware products to study everything from human remains to ancient fossils, antique machine parts to musical instruments, in an ongoing effort to understand our heritage and preserve our history. Some of the most recognizable names in the…


Many companies utilize the MicroScribe digitizer to confirm the results of manufacturing processes, ensuring that each item produced meets stringent design specifications and fulfills customer quality requirements. Some of the most recognizable names in the world are using Revware products


Revware products can be used to develop just about any part or feature on a car, boat or motorcycle. From measuring the internal contour of a cylinder head port to programming the robot that drives the manufacturing process, Revware solutions are the top choice for concept-to-product manufacturing engineers. Some of the most recognizable names in…


Engineering and design departments worldwide use Revware’s concept-to-product solutions to create or analyze just about any item with high-level precision. With Revware products, you can design cutting-edge jet engine parts, cellular phone components or capture one-of-a-kind prototypes into detailed CAD models. Some of the most recognizable names in the world are using Revware products


Revware Announces Skiron Laser Attachment For Microscribe Digizitizer Within New Product Portfolio

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  REVWARE ANNOUNCES SKIRON LASER ATTACHMENT FOR MICROSCRIBE DIGIZITIZER WITHIN NEW PRODUCT PORTFOLIO – Metrology Leader Now Offers Complete Line-Up of Metrology Solutions – RALEIGH, N.C., (May 10, 2011) – Revware Inc., the leading developer of CAD-driven concept-to-product engineering software and manufacturer of the MicroScribe® portable measurement system, is pleased to announce another…