About Us

About RevwareWithin a year of our founding in 1992 as a regional distributor of design automation products, the founders of Revware Inc. (formerly Design Automation Inc.) identified a market need for CAD-driven concept-to-product tools and began selling our first solutions. We quickly grew to become one of the largest resellers of CAD systems in the southeast United States and distributor of our proprietary CAD-driven concept-to-product software worldwide. By the end of the decade, we were designated three times as one of the Tech 50 fastest growing technology companies in North Carolina.

Revware has been committed to providing superior measurement and modeling solutions since our beginnings in 1992, and our innovative passion is still going strong after 21 years.

Our trend-setting CAD-driven modeling software product RevWorks® was released in 1997 as one of the first group of SolidWorks® Gold Partner applications and it established us as an industry leader focused on the real-time integration of three-dimensional digitizers with commercial CAD systems. RevWorks® was also the first software application to make use of the then new MicroScribe® digitizer. In 2001, we changed our name from Design Automation Inc. to Revware Inc., signifying our renewed focus on our proprietary development efforts. Today, our software development efforts continue to be focused on the creation of feature-based modeling within CAD systems to enhance productivity, creativity and accuracy. The ability to create and manipulate CAD models is a key enabling technology for the growing 3D printing/additive manufacturing market.

In 2009, Revware acquired the MicroScribe digitizer product line from Immersion Corporation. This acquisition placed Revware once again on the forefront of industry efforts to increase design, development and production efficiency. We now provide designers, engineers, artists, scientists, doctors and many other creative professionals with a broad, adaptable selection of measurement and modeling tools that are very effective for improving the efficiency and accuracy of their modeling efforts. As a stand-alone point-to-point measurement tool, or as the positioning platform for laser scanners, microphones and other sensing devices, a MicroScribe digitizer provides a fast, reliable and easy-to-use method for capturing data and creating accurate three-dimensional computer models. Our software and that of more than three dozen other companies complete the integration of MicroScribe digitizers into a wide variety of generic and specialty solutions for modeling the world around us.

In 2013, Revware added new Rhino plugin software which greatly improves the workflow with which a user of Rhino and a MicroScribe digitizer can apply to the creation of CAD models.

In 2013, Revware added new Rhino plugin software which greatly improves the workflow with which a user of Rhino and a MicroScribe digitizer can apply to the creation of CAD models. Wizards manage the process of setting alignments and configuring probes and a very handy customizable command pad can be used to select actions with the digitizer probe rather than having to cradle the digitizer and switch to the mouse or keyboard for software interaction.

Looking forward, the Revware team is dedicated to improving its products to bring even more measurement and modeling capability to our users.

Located in Raleigh, NC, Revware is growing in step with the country’s 41st largest city and world renowned technology center. The NC business climate is top-notch, local educational and technology resources are excellent, and the superior quality of life in Raleigh is often noted. As manufacturing moves towards 3D printing and additive manufacturing, Revware is in the perfect support environment to keep stride with these exciting emerging markets.